Creativity and Innovation @Exerwise..Encouraging Children to be Active

There is a worldwide renaissance in electronic hardware development underway at present and from the work we at CW Applied Technology do with Start-Ups, we can see that Ireland is pushing its way towards the front of this renaissance. We have long been a creative people in engineering & product development. Many of the multi-nationals based here openly acknowledge the engineering capability of our best and brightest. They make huge contributions to the successes of those companies. We have many creatives in the start-up and indeed SME community too and if we have our way, we will see the best and brightest of those solution developers get the credit and attention/support they deserve. Ireland can be a great place to develop products and we want to do our bit to support those willing to take the risk and back themselves and their ideas.

Back in Feb., I posted along the same lines regarding Les Egan and the Setup Eye. Les got great support and feedback from his Kickstarter campaign at the time and is getting ever closer to the launch of his product.

The product and developers I want to shine a light on this time is Exerwise. Exerwise is an activity tracker developed by 3 young engineers based in Galway, Ireland. Nothing particularly unusual in an activity tracker I hear you say but hold your fire for a moment..this is different. Exerwise is an activity tracker for children, focussed on helping to address the massively growing issue of childhood obesity. Children don’t worry about counting number of steps, or want to do data analysis of their last months activity but increasingly they are getting nothing like the level of daily exercise that is necessary for their longer term good health. The World Health Organisation have consistently pointed a finger over recent years at this growing problem of childhood obesity. Ultimately, it is not WHO or national governments that are going to reverse this trend…it is parents, taking action to ensure their children do not fall into the obese category. The Exerwise product offers a simple source of information both for parent and child on where they are today on reaching the required level of activity to help prevent obesity. A traffic light approach to conveying this information ensures that neither parent or child need an advanced technical degree to operate this activity tracker.

As I age, it is increasingly the people behind a product as much as the product itself that inspire me and, as with Les Egan and the Setup-Eye of my first blog in this sporadic series, it is again very much the case here. Exerwise was founded by three NUIG graduates who had many employment options but stuck to their dream and have taken to Kickstarter also now to help drive their product development forward. Having spent some time with them via our Ideation Sessions, I can say these are among the brightest engineers I have ever come across. People often talk about the energy in Start-ups..its true, its a different and consuming type of high energy and these guys have it in spades. I have no doubt that this activity tracker is only the very beginning for them and we will be hearing a lot more from them in the years to come. We need to support and encourage this type of brilliance if for no other reason that we, with a good deal more experience, need to do what we can to support and encourage the best of a new generation of engineers to take those first steps and pursue the dream. I would encourage anyone among you with an interest, to go to Kickstarter and pledge..anywhere from €10 upwards is what they are seeking.

I have put my money where my mouth is by the way in case you’re wondering!

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