Creativity and Innovation…on the Golf course

Ireland has long been known for its creativity in the arts…Yeats, Wilde, Joyce etc. I’ve often thought though that we don’t celebrate enough our creativity in other areas, particularly in product and solution development. Over the years, I’ve come across so many creative and innovative people working in many diverse roles. Of great interest to me always have been products which showcase that creativity and innovation in ways that really inspire. Such creativity is certainly not the preserve (and maybe not even the norm) of companies like Intel and Microsoft. Real innovation is more likely to come from the lone wolf type inventors in my experience…at least the type of innovation that excites me! Although not having posted on the subject here before, I hope to do at least a sporadic series of posts on products which catch my imagination…starting today with one I came across recently:

Anyone who has played (or attempted to play as in my case) golf will understand the problem which this product helps to address..shot alignment. Poor shot set-up automatically leads to a poor shot. Hardly rocket science and all too familiar to lovers of this ancient game. While traditionally, sticks can be used to help alignment in a training scenario, once on the course this ‘methodology’ is not repeatable under normal circumstances. Setup Eye is the first product I have come across that addresses this practical issue with easily portable, hand held technology with an on-board viewfinder and most critically, target lock technology…once you have locked in your shot alignment, the device reproduces your settings when you place the device on the fairway…have a look at the video on their website. This is one of those products that when I used it, I thought ‘why didn’t I think of this?’. If you want to improve your golf game and you can get your hands on this product, do. Its brilliantly simple and utterly reliable. Its on kickstarter now ( ) and in my opinion at least, very much worth a punt.

Just for the record, any of the innovative products I cover in these posts (including this one), I don’t have any personal or financial involvement with the inventors ..I just love their creativity. Enjoy Setup Eye and improve your golf…with technology!

Talk again soon….

(originally published on linked in Feb 3 2016