Opportunity Knocks….Are you looking for a New Role?

Being in the business we are in, we attend a lot of events…exhibitions, trade fairs, seminars etc. We talk to a lot of people, exchange business cards and yes, accept LinkedIn invitations. Recently, when someone asked me to recommend a supplier to them, I automatically named a company I have dealt with for years. Now thats normal, perfectly reasonable etc but it got me thinking about similar suppliers that I exchanged business cards with, accepted LinkedIn invitations from etc…why did I not ‘advertise’ the opportunity to them. The answer is obvious of course. The supplier I recommended I know, from experience, will deliver…my recommendation and their subsequent performance is a reflection on me and I don’t want a bad reflection. However, is there two levels of recommendations I could be doing?..both the company I know very well and also those that I am ‘connected’ with on Linkedin, allowing the company that asked for the recommendation both the value of my experience and my network. This then prompted me to start thinking about how I could facilitate engagement between companies/individuals I am connected with and hopefully open up opportunities for individuals or companies by so doing.

In the interests of putting this theory/idea to the test and seeing if it has value, I want to share an opportunity that a company I’m LinkedIn with have on offer currently. I met a company late last year at the North East Automotive Alliance in the UK..a company called Jigsaw Business Group ( What attracted me to the company in the first instance was a very impressive product solution which they had provided to a global company. Nothing too unusual in that but the way they had done it struck me as exactly what I was looking for CW Applied Technology to be involved in. What they had done was bring together a group of ‘expert’ companies and through Jigsaws management of a collaborative process were able to fully understand and subsequently exceed the customers expectations. They say two heads are better than one…try six different organisations and the result was hugely impressive. I’ve subsequently met the most senior people in Jigsaw Business Group and the very strong, positive impression made initially has been emphasised again and again.

Beyond the cause of my initial interest in talking with this company, I have since discovered (and this finally brings me to the point of this blog!) that they also have a great focus on Business Improvement and work with some very interesting companies, both global and otherwise to endeavour to bring about business improvement for that client. That work includes pretty detailed process and system improvement usually and also requires quite often the recruitment of personnel for that client as part of the business improvement solution. That recruitment can be for very senior positions as well as more junior/graduate roles. They are currently working for a multi-national company in the electronics/tech. sector and have a number of key roles to fill at both senior and junior engineering levels…if it’s to be your first or close to first step on the ladder or the longed for big step forward, these positions could be of interest to you. When I heard about the roles, I asked if I could use the opportunities being made available to test my idea of using my LinkedIn network for positive benefit to my network. If you do have an interest in any of these roles, I can put you in direct contact with the relevant person within Jigsaw Business Group to further your discussion. You are of course welcome to contact Jigsaw directly yourself but I would appreciate a comment as to whether you thought this was a useful idea or not. An example of the positions available (primarily based in the Netherlands but some in Germany and in Ireland also) are Design Engineering Manager, Senior Project Manager, Project Manager & Graduate Engineers. I know you will need a lot more detail than that to make an expression of interest and its not my intention to be a recruitment agency but if you are interested in finding out more, I will get the info. for you or put you in direct contact, whichever you prefer.

My intention with this idea is to not just advertise job opportunities from within my network to my network but to also advertise services/ products in the same way. Let’s see how this goes and understand if there is an appetite here for helping each other..however tenuously we may know each other!


Originally Published on LinkedIn March 28 2017 ( )