Remember Tom Cruise in Minority Report?….

Our new, for 2017, seminar series aimed at helping inventors, start-ups and also established companies by providing information and access to new innovative technologies, specialist/experienced companies and individuals got off to a great start back on Feb. 11th with a focus as noted in my last blog on 3D technology. The response from those who attended has been without exception positive and supportive and we really appreciate that. One great by-product already for me in these seminars is meeting such hugely creative people as for example Geoffrey Allen of MakinMediaMobile who attended on Feb.11th. We hope to have Geoffrey collaborate with us on running one of these seminars in the next few months. Another by-product of these seminars is getting engineers and creative types out of the silos they inhabit and talking with each other! Got to be a good thing, right?

At CW Applied Technology, two related ‘reasons for being’ drive us..

  1. Support Creativity in Technology wherever we can.
  2. Be a trusted Design and/or Manufacturing partner for MNCs, SMEs, Start Ups and inventors.

I talked about this at the seminar and I mention it again here now as I do get asked regularly why we have run our Ideation sessions for the past 18 mths or so and why we have now embarked on the current series of seminars. We passionately believe in the creativity to be found in so many spheres in Ireland and we want to do what we can to help give it an outlet in the area of technology by, as I say, providing information and access to new innovative technologies, specialist/experienced companies and individuals.

The next in the series is one I’m really looking forward to and will take place on Saturday, March 4th, again at our site in Shannon. On this occasion, we are hosting a demonstration presented by Microchip beginning at 10am and finishing about 12pm, providing an insight into some of the many great technologies made possible from this leading electronic components manufacturer.

Microchip have grown significantly, from its inception in 1989 to a $2.2B organisation with over 10K employees, both indigenously and through acquisition. Their portfolio of products brings market leading solutions to Medical, Automotive, Industrial, IOT, and many more.

In an easy to understand hands on presentation Microchip will demonstrate such technologies as:

  • Motor Control
  • Wifi
  • Encryption
  • Touch/Gesture Control (get the Tom Cruise/Minority Report reference now?)
  • Battery Management
  • LED lighting control
  • RF, LoRa, SigFox
  • Sensing
  • Green Energy/Heat conversion
  • Smart Cameras

& many more technological innovations of our times.

In encouraging creativity, we hope also to occasionally at least inspire the next generation of engineers and technologists and this particular presentation could be particularly interesting to our junior technologists so feel free to bring them with you. Our presenter is well known and appreciated for having a magic trick or two up his sleeve  and will be using magic to illustrate some of the aspects of the technology available.

If you want to get an understanding of the possibilities offered by technology today then this seminar will be of interest to you I believe. As with the previous seminar, it’s free to attend. If you do want to attend, please let me know and I’ll put you on the guest list.

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