This is what we do

CW Applied Technology is an out-sourced innovation and manufacturing platform/hub that has developed from four core technologies namely timing, positioning, sensing and communication, together with long experience of manufacturing electronic hardware. These 4 core technologies are the foundations of most innovations within the technology sector today.

The basic proposition of CW Applied Technology is to provide both electronic design & development services and electronic hardware manufacturing services.

In regards to our design and development offering, we are focussed on taking concepts/product ideas through to a product that is ready to be manufactured. In the case of our manufacturing service, we offer full turnkey including delivery if desired to your, our customers, customer.

We are not a typical design house or indeed a typical contract manufacturer. Typical design houses do not care very much about what happens when products go into production. We do. As we have a deep understanding of manufacturing requirements right across our organisation, we understand what it means to live with the consequences of design. All our design work is based around Design for Manufacturability.

Our customers come to us for many different reasons. They tend to stay because of our creativity, our ability to collaborate closely with them and our attention to detail. We are an ODM rather than a CEM or design house.

All product development is a journey. If you would like to take that journey with CW Applied Technology, we’re Ready to talk.

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