What We Do

We live and breathe Electronics Hardware Design and Manufacturing

We Design. We Develop. We Manufacture. We Commercialise. We Distribute.

We Enable.

Design thinking is at the heart of everything we do, making the complex simple, driving out unnecessary cost and delivering the highest standards of product quality.


We operate an adaptable electronics hardware technology manufacturing workshop which is modular and mobile with the flexibility to adapt to product and process demands.

With 20+ years experience in the development of communications solutions in areas as diverse as GPS receivers, IoT/M2M Gateways, automation solutions and intelligent sensors in a range of applications across many industries(for examples, see Case Studies section of this website), we can help you to develop and/or IoT enable your product.

Our manufacturing department and the skill and experience of our employees are critical in delivering product from working prototypes through to volume builds which reflect the standards of proud SMEs.

Our IDEATION sessions have been described as having very significant benefit to early stage entrepreneurs / inventors. the concept is this…On a Saturday morning, starting at 10 am and concluding at 12 noon, we invite into our creative space room in Shannon an entrepreneur/inventor/ startup company who start by having 1 minute to explain to a panel of 12 invited guests what it is they have invented or want to bring to market. After that minute, our facilitator will ask them a series of questions aimed at clearly setting out  what their currently difficulty is and what they want to achieve from the session. The facilitator then sets out how she proposes to run the session and organises the team of 12 into sub groups to start to review the issues etc. We don’t commit to solving their problems or claim to be experts..just to giving what advice we can. We don’t charge the startups for these sessions….it’s us providing a room and volunteering effort to encourage hardware startups to take root here in Ireland…doing what we can at least to encourage it. If interested, please get in touch( info@cwappliedtechnology.com)  and ask about our IDEATION sessions.

Our Ideation sessions, sitting side by side with our manufacturing and product design services has been developed to create a collaborative atmosphere in which inventors and entrepreneurs can learn from each other and find solutions to their own individual product development problems.