Advanced creative design

We live to be at the heart of innovative, creative design thinking and developments. 

CW Applied Technology offer dynamic design services built on many years of service to a variety of organisations – from household names in the automotive and telecommunications worlds to a multiplicity of start-up and SME companies. We offer both electronic and mechanical design services to facilitate successful Product Innovations. In recent years, we have  focused on delivering Internet of Things (IoT) enabled innovations. As a result we have a vast amount of experience across multiple market verticals as IoT is impacting all industries.

Electronics Design

Our Digital and Analog Design Capabilities Include:
(a) Design Specification Creation based on broad Concept definition.
(b) Circuit Design and Schematic creation
(c) Design for manufacturability
(d) Firmware development
(e) Prototype test and evaluation
(f) Reverse engineering
(g) Component Analysis and Evaluation
(h) Compliance and Value Engineering
(i) Product re-design in event of component obsolescence/ EOL.
(j) Test equipment design and evaluation.

Product & Mechanical Design

Our Mechanical / Product Engineering Capabilities Include:
(1) Packaging, Enclosure, and Industrial Design
(2) Detailed Mechanical Design
(3) Stress Analysis/ Shock/Vibration Simulation if required.
(4) Thermal Simulation
(5) Material and Component Selection
(6) Solid Model production
(7) 3D and/or Injection Moulding




Product Re Engineering

We offer a re-engineering service whereby we analyse the failure pattern of your product and evaluate alternative solutions to resolve this. As competition and rising customer expectations continue to increase the pressure on all manufacturers, and with diminishing margin due to increasing customer dissatisfaction or in-field failures, we seek to offer a product improvement / correction process. We can revise your current product design documentation to incorporate corrective measures, and can then manufacture prototypes, test and release to manufacturing with your approval.

PCB Layout

PCB layout services is one of the ways that we help our customers get to market faster. Our design team has very significant real world experience designing PCBs for both performance and manufacturability.
We can provide quickly a full set of Gerber and drawings, particularly if you:
1 Need a PCB layout from design schematics you have created.
2 Have an existing design that needs to be updated, changed, or optimized for cost effective assembly.
3 Need a new PCB design, from concept to production ready with full design documentation.


Design for Excellence & Design for Reliability

Design for Excellence (DFX) and Design For Reliability (DFR) are central planks in our product development approach. Design cannot be done in isolation from manufacturing capability and the market the product will serve. Using a DFX and DFR led approach enables us to ensure a more
holistic evaluation of the development as it grows, ensuring compatibility with manufacturing requirements and market needs.


Our approach to manufacturing is what we call Advanced Creative Manufacturing. This approach combines 5 key components:
(1) Low volume, short series production with mass production quality. Typical order sizes are in the 10pc to 3000pc/week range.
(2) Efficient, Lean and Agile Manufacturing service, taking concept through to manufacture.
(3) Design-Thinking concepts applied to Manufacturing. Improving manufacturability and cost.
(4) Cost-effective ‘craftsman-type’ manufacturing solutions. Tailored solution for bespoke solution seekers.
(5) Making Local. Cutting logistics costs with shorter lead- and cycle-times and parts made to order.
Time to market with high-end, personalized technology solutions is what we see as our ‘holy grail’ and key differentiator. We manufacture to exacting automotive and/or military standards, while we are certified to ISO9001.


Embedded Software and Firmware Development

CW Applied Technology develops embedded software and firmware for widely used microcontrollers, and invests significant time and resources in the research and prototyping of hardware communication protocols – both wired and wireless.
A cross section of the type of work we do in this area would be:
(1) Bespoke firmware based on product functional specifications.
(2) Product management function.
(3) Integration of new/additional modules with new protocols.
(4) Data exchange protocols for product communication.