There is a growing demand for improved productivity, efficiency and sustainable use of resources and this in turn is driving the trend towards digital manufacturing.

CW Applied Technology aims to be a leader in Industry 4.0 which includes the application of cyber-physical systems to the automation of manufacturing using IoT, cloud and cognitive computing. Our factory is increasingly becoming a reconfigurable factory in order to achieve our aim of delivering ultra-flexible, demand-drive manufacturing and mass customisation. We are increasingly developing capability in what is known as additive layer manufacturing.

Going forward, supply chains will have to be highly integrated. Ours already is. We plan a growing and extensive use of robotics and smart low-cost sensing. We are already embedded in projects aimed at integrating augmented and virtual reality into our control plans and our training of employees. For the ‘factories of the future’ in which we intend to be very much a leader, efficiencies will be achieved we believe in the design and operation of processes, in particular by using digital twins to integrate artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Our approach to manufacturing can be summarised in one word:Agile.

This approach combines 5 key components:

  1. Low volume, short series production with mass production quality. Typical order sizes in this phase are in the 10pc to 1000pc range. Scaling to high volume if and as required.
  2. Efficient, Lean and Agile Manufacturing service, taking concept through to manufacture.
  3. Design-Thinking concepts applied to Manufacturing. Improving manufacturability and cost.
  4. Cost-effective ‘craftsman-type’ manufacturing solutions. Tailored solution for bespoke solution seekers.
  5. Making Local – cutting logistics costs with shorter lead and cycle times and parts made to order.

Time to market with high-end, personalized technology solutions is what we see as our ‘holy grail’ and key differentiator. We manufacture to exacting automotive and/or military standards, while we are certified to ISO9001.