Pressures on food security are also driving change in agriculture.

Increasing concern around animal healthcare coupled with increasing workload and costs in farming is driving the development of cost-effective diagnostic sensors and AI-driven analytics. The use of predictive sensors is improving animal health, allowing for earlier intervention and remote monitoring is giving improved quality of life to the farmer while reducing labour in a focused, systematic way.
Pressures on food security are also driving change in agriculture. More intensive and sustainable production of food is increasingly being enabled through more efficient and focused agricultural practice. Many examples exist today such as sensing and monitoring for precision application of weed killers and land fertilisers, application of water to plants as and when environmental conditions suggest it and for greater use and application of robotics. There are also many examples available of remote sensing technologies including the use of drones for land monitoring and assessment. A growing concern regarding food traceability is driving an increase in monitoring and tracking technologies.
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