As people begin the return to offices, shops and leisure spaces, there’s a new focus on the methods we’ll need to keep them safe and healthy indoors.

We’re exposed to just as many pollutants and contaminants indoors as when we’re outdoors. That means we could be at risk where we work, where we shop and where we play. Airflow and air quality are now a primary concern when we’re indoors, because we know that dangerous infections like Covid-19 will spread more quickly if a building lacks adequate ventilation and clean air.

Natural ventilation will help to reduce the transmission of airborne contaminants. But to improve personal safety levels in commercial premises, more needs to be done.

Here are some practical steps that you can take:

  1. Install a HVAC System – HVAC systems will cleanse and purify the air in your building, remove dangerous contaminants, and protect those who use it from the risk of infection. Keep it maintained with frequent inspections to ensure that it is performing effectively.


  2. Use Air Purification Filters – Air filters will trap and prevent potentially harmful bacteria and viruses from circulating in your building. But they must be designed to remove the smallest airborne particles, so it’s important to do your research before choosing a filter as many filters don’t remove particles small enough to prevent the spread of Covid-19.


  3. Reduce Recirculation – Simply blowing air around a building with fans is now known to be an inadequate air quality solution. Stale and stagnant air must be exchanged regularly with clean and fresh air from outside the building.


  4. Improve Sanitising – Cleaning and effectively sanitising surfaces can help to reduce the number of contaminants that could become airborne through movement and air circulation.

Powerful personal protection with Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI)

Using medical technology that has safely sterilised hospitals for decades, UVGI devices can further protect commercial premises by rapidly neutralising viruses like Covid-19. 

It’s not just Covid-19 either. Inadequate building ventilation can trigger headaches, nausea, asthma attacks and allergic reactions. Not only that, but it can significantly magnify the effects of seasonal colds and influenza (flu), worsening absence rates through sickness, and reducing productivity.

UVGI is a non-toxic and low-maintenance solution, easily used with minimum training.

We have developed an Upper Room UVGI device – which we have named The Brandston. We collaborated with world famous lighting designer, Howard Brandston, to design and develop this upper-room airflow sanitiser. The Brandston outperforms frequently used luminaires in total UV-C output, luminaire efficiency, and biological effectiveness against aerosolised virus and bacteria; while remaining safe for room occupants.

For more information about The Brandston upper-room steriliser, please contact John O’Connell by emailing [email protected] or phone +353876871295.