A frequently googled question – are UV sterilizers worth it? Until recently, the answer to this question would likely have been a ‘no’ for many organisations. Historically, UV room sterilisers were expensive pieces of kit, with a pricepoint generally in a five-figure range. For this reason, they were really only valuable to surgical and medical settings, where regular chemical-free sterilising was an absolute must.

Since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, however, regular deep cleaning and sterilising of facilities has become vital in all organisations and industries, and more affordable UV sterilisers have come to market to assist with this new need. We’re now seeing consideration for UV sterilising technology spreading farther and wider, and for good reason.


With that said, although the cost of UV room sterilisers has reduced by almost 90%, the cost is still somewhat of an investment for smaller organisations, or for any organisation considering purchasing multiple devices. So the question still arises – is it worth the investment?

The short answer is: yes, for many organisations.

We can first consider the alternative methods for disinfecting a premises: fogging / fumigation of disinfectant sprays, or ozone sterilising. Each of these methods has its pros and cons, which you can find in our earlier blog post Comparing Sterilising Methods for Organisations. The main downside of either of these methods is that the chemicals in use can pose health risks to people who come into contact with them. Rooms must also be aired out or left empty for a period of time after disinfection, before people can enter the premises again. With UV, as soon as the device has switched off, the room is safe to enter and there are no chemicals lingering in the air or on surfaces. UV sterilisers are also generally sold or leased, resulting in a fixed cost – whereas with fogging, for example, although the cost-per-service may be lower than the cost of purchasing a UV steriliser, the total cost over a lifetime of arranging regular fogging disinfectanting would amount to a larger expense in the long term.

The value of UV room sterilisers: 


  • UV is a quick and effective method of sterilising, causing minimal downtime as rooms can be entered and used immediately after disinfection.
  • You can use a UV steriliser as frequently as you need or want, providing reassurance for you, your staff and your customers or visitors.
  • UV sterilisers last for years, so although the upfront cost may be large it is an investment in the long term. Fogging is typically recommended to be performed once per month, making it more costly in the long run than purchasing a UV steriliser.
  • UV is a food-safe, chemical-free method of disinfection, meaning it poses no health risks to staff or others who enter your premises after disinfection has taken place.
  • UV sterilisers are chemical-free, so there are no chemical residues which could be harmful to the environment.

The long and the short of it is: if you have people entering your premises on a regular basis (staff, customers, students or visitors), and are assessing cost-effective methods of regularly disinfecting your premises, then a UV steriliser could certainly be worth the investment. If you feel that you will only occasionally need to disinfect your premises, then perhaps it may be more cost-effective for you to pay for individual appointments with an external service provider.  

If you are considering the addition of a UV room steriliser to your sanitising process, the Muv-X portable UV room steriliser is a cost-effective solution which has already been implemented by a number of organisations including medical facilities, schools, hotels, nursing homes and restaurants.


For more information, please see: https://www.cwappliedtechnology.com/uv-steriliser/

Finance solutions are available to spread the cost over multiple payments.