The Brandston

Upper Room

UV-C Unit


What Is Upper Room UV

Upper-air units only emit UV-C light in the top portion of a room or area, above people’s heads. The air in any room is constantly mixing, even without the assistance of HVAC ventilation or fans. The same air that’s above our heads eventually makes it way to lower spaces. Upper-room GUV disinfects large volumes of room air (above room occupants’ heads) at once and on a continuous basis resulting in high “equivalent” air changes per hour (ACH) in terms of air disinfection. 


As air circulates in the room and passes the light from The Brandston,

it is cleaned with the UV-C light. UV-C light kills bacteria and inactivates

virus in the air. Multiple, tightly spaced, angled louvres protect room

occupants from overexposure to UV-C meaning the unit can be

powered on at all times. It can be used in conjunction with a ceiling

fan to help circulate the air in the room