Innovation is the by-word of the times we live in. Industries are being disrupted like never before, and long-established businesses are struggling feverishly to find a place of re-invention while being attacked by disrupters on all sides.

CW Applied Technology exists to be a true partner in innovation; operating as your innovation partner as well as your manufacturing partner. This is what makes CW Applied Technology truly supportive.

The task of introducing new products is time-consuming and costly. We can help you create your product more quickly, manufacture it more efficiently and deliver on time. We have vast experience in innovation and have learned a lot over the years on the type of help you need to bring your concept through to reality.


We know that creating a new product is often as much art as it is science. We focus on what the product does, not what it is, making sure the product design satisfies the application requirements.

Business Model

The largest obstacles will be weak imaginations, threatened interests and culture. Business model innovation is the new essential competency. It will separate the winners from the losers” – this quote, from Geoff Colvin, is featured in our creative space to serve as a reminder to our team. The scale and speed at which innovative business models are launching today, and transforming established industries, is unprecedented. We can help to ‘flesh’ out your business model and begin to develop a more rounded vision of future steps required.

Ideation Sessions

We introduced the Ideation concept in 2015, and it’s gone from strength to strength since. Our ideation sessions help you to figure out both feasibility and product requirements. The sessions are routinely used to brainstorm new product concepts or ideas, suitable business models and more. We invite into our creative space the entrepreneur / start-up company, who will take 1 minute to explain to a panel of 12 invited guests what it is they want to bring to market. Our facilitator will then ask a series of questions aimed at clearly setting out what the current difficulty is and what they want to achieve from the session. The team then divides into sub groups to review the issues. Sessions are repeated as we move through the development phase, helping to shape all manner of key components of both the product and business model and associated requirements. We have found this process to be extremely powerful.

Product Development

We have many years of experience in electronic product design; both in function delivery and aesthetics. CW Applied Technology (Shannon) Ltd came into being as a result of a Management Buy Out from Connor Winfield Ltd in 2015, but it has had its roots in the 15 years that preceded that both in terms of skills and values. During that time we had focused primarily on the design, manufacture and sale of high-precision components and modules in the timing field of telecommunications. Products such as GPS timing references with integrated antennae that enable synchronization for externally available T1 and E1 signals for example, highly stable and reliable oscillator based products for synchronization holdover, IoT/M2M Gateway products based on GSM, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and Differential GPS Navigation products with antennae and amplifiers for military applications. Along with product developments (and associated CE certification requirements) such as these, we manufactured the products also to exacting military standards.


We believe that what our customers need is a design and manufacturing partner, not a contract designer or manufacturer. For us the difference between the two is massive. A contractor will do exactly as you tell them for the price you agree. That’s not ideal because it puts a zero value on the contractors’ experience and knowledge which, if it was engaged, could yield significantly better product design, assembly processes and ultimately better quality product. Design partnership for us is about collaborating: talking and listening, gaining a deep understanding of the requirements, and developing a product which meets the application requirements and has maximum ease of manufacturing.

Product Appearance

It’s impossible to ignore how your product looks and believe that function alone will deliver the commercial success you’re seeking. We can work with you from concept through to finished product, from early sketches and creative images to final satisfactory levels of product finish. With in-house designers, 3D printing capability and approved and experienced suppliers, we can help you ensure your product looks as good as it functions.

Our IDEATION sessions have been described as having very significant benefit to early stage entrepreneurs / inventors.
The concept: on a Saturday morning we invite into our creative space room in Shannon an entrepreneur / start-up who start by taking 1 minute to explain to a panel of 12 invited guests what it is they have invented or want to bring to market. Our facilitator will then ask them a series of questions aimed at clearly setting out  what their current difficulty is and what they want to achieve from the session. The facilitator then organises the team of 12 into sub groups to start to review the issues and provide advice. We don’t commit to solving their problems or claim to be experts. The aim is simply to give what advice we can. We don’t charge for these sessions; we just provide a room and volunteer effort to do our best to encourage hardware start-ups to take root here in Ireland.
If interested, please get in touch( [email protected])  and ask about our IDEATION sessions.


Our Ideation sessions, sitting side by side with our manufacturing and product design services has been developed to create a collaborative atmosphere in which inventors and entrepreneurs can learn from each other and find solutions to their own individual product development problems.