We consider ourselves a servant organisation, existing to serve our customers’ manufacturing and/or design needs. We strive to achieve the highest levels of quality, speed of response and clarity in all our communications.

We help our customers in a number of ways, depending on what each customer is looking for. This may be that you’re considering adding to your existing supply chain, moving away from a current supplier, or outsourcing from your factory for the first time. Perhaps you’re experiencing high field or in process failure rates and can no longer tolerate that pain. Selecting a partner with the capability to support you is critical. We are that partner. We have the capabilities to help you. 
We offer many services and capabilities across the full range of electronic product development, manufacturing and fulfilment. Perhaps the greatest service we offer though is the capability of being pain relief for our clients!

Pain Relief

Many companies come to us to help address a pain point. That pain can vary across a wide range of reasons, such as high field or in-process product failure rates, a shortage of flexibility and responsiveness from a current manufacturer, a cheap but far away manufacturing solution or an old, end-of-life product with all the associated problems.
Large, wholly unexpected field failure rates can kill products and ultimately companies. Field failure rates have to be closely monitored and problems squashed / corrected early. Many times, when field failure rates are alarmingly high, design is blamed and the manufacturer washes his hands of responsibility. We have successfully taken field failure rates of 24% (horrendously high and potentially catastrophic for the product owner) to less than 0.5% through a ruthless re-evaluation and change of both the Bill of Materials and the manufacturing process. We do this through small to medium volume builds within our own facility, carefully reconstructing every step of the process from supplier / component selection through to order fulfilment; everything short of a board or enclosure re-spin.
Talk to us about your product failure rates and challenge us to ‘fix it’ for you.

Full Turnkey Service

If you require a fast, efficient, cost-effective turnkey solution, we can provide service every step of the way. We provide help with product design (including electronics, mechanical and finished product ‘look and feel’), PCB layout, PCB assembly and complete product assembly including mechanical, wiring, product configuration, packaging and shipment to your distribution network. Our experience working on New Product Introduction has taught us the importance of a dedicated product launch team. When a new product is in the early planning stages, workers representing all the major areas of the factory are brought together and, as a team, they help in conjunction with you, our client, to plan the launch of manufacturing of your product. You will have the expert support of this design and manufacturing team throughout, so any roadblocks can be identified and dealt with quickly. You will continue to enjoy the support of our product team long after the launch and when the product is established in the market place.
Not all customers require Full Turnkey or Black-Box manufacturing. Many customers indeed prefer to provide kits of material for PCB and/or mechanical assembly, and seek only labour input from CW Applied Technology. This is absolutely fine with us and while Full Turnkey Service is available from CW Applied Technology so too are any and all of the steps contained within as a stand-alone service if preferred.

Lean Manufacturing

Traditional lean as practiced in industry tends to be technical and complex. We have taken a different approach with transformative effects on both our business and that of our customers. The approach we have taken is one championed by Paul Akers in his book 2 Second Lean.
Instead of complicated jargon, flowcharts and teachings, 2 Second Lean makes:
(1) Everything about waste–muda (and the 8 wastes), muri, and mura– summarised as simply “fix what bugs you.”
(2) 3S rather than 5S or 7S is a cornerstone of our approach.
(3) Every employee in our company makes a 2-second improvement every single day.
(4) And it’s all made sustainable and easy with an engaging daily morning meeting.
If you’re familiar with traditional lean, you know that this is quite different. You’re welcome to come visit and see the transformative effect of 2 Second Lean and the potential beneficial knock-on effects for your business of a partnership with CW Applied Technology.

Design for manufacturing

Selecting the right design team is essential when bringing a new concept through to a physical product and to launch it on the market. A design partner that is integrated with manufacturing will help minimize the risks of time to market and cost as well as eliminating the standard finger-pointing when issues occur between design companies and manufacturing companies. At CW Applied Technology, we provide product design and development services that fully complement our manufacturing solutions strategy. We seek to bring great value to the product development process by being involved at every stage of the design cycle — from concept through detailed design and prototyping to volume production, aftermarket and end-of-life support, while fully protecting our customers intellectual property.

Design for reliability

Design for Reliability (DFR) is described as a systematic, controlled, concurrent engineering programme that supports product and process design (from the concept stage through to product obsolescence) to ensure that customer expectations for reliability are fully met throughout the life of the product with the aim of the lowest achievable overall life-cycle costs. Our approach relies on an array of reliability engineering tools along with a full understanding of when and how to use these tools throughout the design cycle. In summary, we focus heavily on DFR, ensuring that the products we design perform the specified function within the specified environment for the expected lifecycle.

Disruptive Manufacturing

Modern Manufacturing is in some regards a very dynamic place. It might be most accurately described as Agile Custom manufacturing, enabling the dynamic ability to build custom tailored products, with mass production level quality & finish, at commercially viable price-points. We are at the forefront of disrupting the manufacturing process, building a flexible digital manufacturing process capable of producing mass production quality products in batch sizes of one. Leveraging smart digital manufacturing, novel materials and advances in 3D printing etc, our team enables custom tailored products that can be rapidly manufactured directly at our site in Shannon and customized for specific needs of these first pioneering users, enabling an iterative MVE approach to achieve the ideal solution.

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