It’s a challenging time for many Irish businesses at the moment, so we have decided to take the opportunity this Saint Patrick’s Day to share some positivity and celebrate some of our favourite Irish innovations. When we look back, it’s clear to see that as a nation we’re innovative and adaptive, and we have truly changed the world by embracing challenges and striving to improve our lives.



You can find our chosen innovations below – and feel free to share your thoughts with us, let us know in the comments what your own favourite innovation(s) are.

  1. The Syringe – a medical device invented by a Dublin doctor in 1844, and nearly 200 years later not only are countless syringes used across the world every day, but it’s a key component in tackling the Covid-19 pandemic, allowing us to administer vaccines. Just imagine where we might be now if the syringe had never been invented!

  2. Transatlantic Telegraph Cable – long before the days of Zoom, Irishman Lord Kelvin Thompson played a key role in establishing the Transatlantic Telegraph Cable, which truly shrank the world and allowed messages to be sent across the world in only a matter of minutes. This cable ran all the way from County Kerry to Newfoundland in Canada.

  3. The Induction Coil – a piece of engineering still used today in car ignitions, the induction coil was invented by Rev Nicholas Callan in 1836. The induction coil was the first type of transformer, and was used in early x-ray machines and medical electrotherapy devices.

  4. The Submarine – another incredible feat of engineering, the submarine was invented in County Clare by John Phillip Holland. We’re sure not many others would have pursued the idea of a boat that belonged under water, but Mr. Holland made it happen!

  5. The Bacon Rasher – a core element of the ‘Full Irish’ for a reason. Henry Denny, a butcher from Waterford, was the first person to trial curing thin strips of bacon with salt. 200 years later, we Irish consume over a million bacon rashers a day. (Source:

  6. The Portable Defibrillator – a tool responsible for saving countless lives since its invention, this medical miracle device was invented in 1965 by Frank Pantridge from County Down. The first portable defibrillator was installed in a Belfast ambulance.

These provide just a brief snapshot of some of the excellent inventions created by Irish people, with countless other innovations that could be added to the list! The long history of Irish innovation making its mark on the world makes us proud to be an Irish company, and gives us the motivation and encouragement to pursue our own innovative ideas.

    Wishing all our Irish customers and followers a happy Saint Patrick’s Day.