Debugging Product & Process

We offer a broad range of value-add services. Perhaps the greatest value add though that we offer is that of pain relief for your product failure headaches and manufacture ‘support’ service.

Once your product is released to manufacturing, its performance and reliability become the basis for your customers’ opinions of both the product and your company. While ideally we would prefer if customers used our Problem Prevention System by working with us from ‘day 1’, companies often come to us ‘after the event’. They suffer with bad field performance and need ‘fixes’.
Using our Highly Focused Manufacturing Management approach, we identify and minimise to the greatest extent possible early and/or unacceptably high levels of field failure rates. We manage everything from vendor selection, component selection /deselection (in partnership with you to the extent you desire) through to fulfilment.
Working in partnership with you we establish a Field Failure Tracking System for your product. We have a Test, Debug and Repair Centre at our site in Shannon to quickly address and replace warranty failures with a corresponding Root Cause Failure Analysis and a program of Continuous Improvement to implement preventive actions within the manufacturing process.
As part of our Continuous Improvement Process, we have a Lessons Learned Process which helps collect the key information so that you learn from each product you develop, thereby increasing the reliability of each successive product.
This service can be used as a consultancy service and we can facilitate transfer of manufacturing back to your current manufacturer after problem fixes are designed and implemented. The only provision is that we must be able to work on and manufacture your product at our site in Shannon, in order to provide a comprehensive set of manufacturing solutions to address your product failure issues.

Component Preparation Services

CW Applied Technology offers value added component services. Our Value added services include: lead tinning, moisture bake-out, dry packaging, tape and reel packaging, tape splicing, lead forming and component prepping. All our services are performed to applicable industry standards and/or customer specifications. As with all our manufacturing services, our Added Value Services adhere to static sensitive standards and our static compliance control program.

Kitted Products Assembly

Not all customers require Full Turnkey or Black-Box manufacturing. Many customers indeed prefer to provide kits of material for PCB and/or mechanical assembly and seek only labour input from CW Applied Technology. This is perfectly fine with us, and while Full Turnkey Service is available from CW Applied Technology so too are any and all of the steps contained within as a stand-alone service if our client prefers. 

Test, Debug & Repair Centre

At CW Applied Technology, we add real value with our experience in total product sustenance services that address: hardware and software improvements, incorporating component obsolescence, cost reduction, bug fixes, and feature and performance enhancements, in addition to on-going product supply in support of your contractual arrangements with your client. We also provide warranty and out-of-warranty Test, Debug and Repair services.