Electronics Design

(a) Design Specification Creation based on broad Concept definition.
(b) Circuit Design and Schematic creation
(c) Design for manufacturability
(d) Firmware development
(e) Prototype test and evaluation
(f) Reverse engineering
(g) Component Analysis and Evaluation
(h) Compliance and Value Engineering
(i) Product re-design in event of component obsolescence/ EOL.
(j) Test equipment design and evaluation.

PCB Layout

PCB layout services is one of the ways that we help our customers get to market faster. Our design team has very significant real world experience designing PCBs for both performance and manufacturability.
We can provide quickly a full set of Gerber and drawings, particularly if you:
a) Need a PCB layout from design schematics you have created.
b) Have an existing design that needs to be updated, changed, or optimized for cost effective assembly.
c) Need a new PCB design, from concept to production ready with full design documentation.

Design for Excellence &  Reliability

Design for Excellence (DFX) and Design For Reliability (DFR) are central planks in our product development approach. Design cannot be done in isolation from manufacturing capability and the market the product will serve. Using a DFX and DFR led approach enables us to ensure a more holistic evaluation of the development as it grows, ensuring compatibility with manufacturing requirements and market needs.

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