We offer a Full-Turnkey Design and Manufacturing Services together with a range of fulfillment and shipping services for our growing client base.

From a comprehensive design, development, manufacturing service through to simple pick, pack, and ship services, our fulfilment service is well-versed in every step of the product process. With our comprehensive and integrated services and capabilities, we’re able to match accurately your fulfilment and shipping needs with quality, efficiency, professionalism, accuracy and precision.  Our services are enabled by dedicated team members, cutting-edge technologies, lean production conditions, and ERP management software, allowing us to provide a professional and personal business experience. 
We employ a number of different order fulfilment strategies to accommodate our customers’ requests. Whether it’s a
– straight build-to-order requirement for customer pull/ demand such as niche product solutions,
– a configure-to-order requirement for products which are feature/option rich, or – a more comprehensive strategy for volume demand utilizing rolling forecasts, lead-time reduction programs, and service level agreements,
We’ll craft a custom solution that produces the results you need. Whatever your product demands, we can develop a delivery model that meets your product fulfilment needs.


The support our customers need typically extends well beyond the launch shipment of a product and we commit to satisfying your product sustaining and aftermarket requirements. In addition to a tightly managed manufacturing system for all products, we also have systems and procedures in place for product repair, in or out of warranty as per our customers’ requirements, refurbishment, and upgrades to products, as well as managing difficult-to-find components, component obsolescence and component end-of-life situations.

Product Configuration

CW Applied Technology are happy to configure products exactly as you require during the manufacturing process, whether that is determined by software load, hardware component placement or a combination of both. All products are tracked by a unique product number within our process linked to specific configuration requirements, with full traceability through to end test results output.


We can package your product for shipping in whatever packaging design/type you request. We are happy as part of our design service to create from your initial concept instructions and with your final approval/sign-off, the packaging design for your product. This can range from simple cardboard boxes to complex blister packaging etc.

Test, Debug & Repair Centre

At CW Applied Technology, we add real value with our experience in total product sustenance services that address hardware and software improvements, incorporating component obsolescence, cost reduction, bug fixes, and feature and performance enhancements as required by our clients in addition to on-going product supply in support of your contractual arrangements with your client. We also provide warranty and out-of-warranty Test, Debug and Repair services.

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