As businesses like hotels, restaurants, pubs and cinemas are welcoming customers back after a very long winter, we need to ask what they are doing to protect us from airborne pathogens like Covid-19.

Transmission rates can be as much as 20 times higher when we’re indoors, so it’s an issue that we can’t ignore.
That’s why businesses like these are investing in Upper-Room Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI) devices to enhance their cleaning protocols and boost the protection levels for their patrons. 

What is UVGI?

Ultraviolet light has a powerful disabling effect on germs, a proven fact established by scientific research since the 19th century.
Direct exposure breaks down the DNA of bacteria, viruses and fungal infections, preventing further transmission of a broad range of harmful contaminants.
Since the 1930s, ultraviolet light treatments have been used in medical establishments as a highly effective disinfection method against all sorts of virus and bacteria.

How can we use this method?

It’s now possible to install UVGI units as standalone solutions.Doing so will immediately boost your protection from person to person transmission to new levels.
This technique is known as Upper-Room UVGI, which creates a sterilised zone above people in the indoor areas they occupy. Air passes through the “disinfection zone” and any airborne pathogens will be neutralised when they pass through this “kill zone”.
Ceiling UV units like The Brandston can emit ultraviolet light through the air. Mobile units like the Muv-X Room Steriliser ensure that all visible surfaces at lower levels will be sanitised.
Upper air UVGI units are being used worldwide as a non-toxic and easily implemented method for preventing airborne transmission of infectious diseases from person to person. Expert installation is required to maximise coverage and avoid direct exposure to UV light, a vital factor in protecting people in public settings.
Once an Upper-Room UVGI installation has been completed, the maintenance and running costs are relatively low, requiring only replacement bulbs.

Upper-Room UVGI has been scientifically proven as both a practical and inexpensive long-term option for significantly improving infection control in public spaces. For high-risk indoor locations with inadequate ventilation or without an HVAC system already in place, Upper-Room UVGI offers a solution tailored to the needs of that space.
It is most useful against airborne infections and particularly helpful in settings with poor ventilation.
Safe, simple to use, inexpensive to operate and speedy to install, Upper-Room UVGI could make all the difference.