We’ve all had to take a long break from staying in hotels and exploring the world, but those days may soon be behind us. When we’re able to travel again, things will be very different. The dangers of COVID-19 will still be in our minds, and we will want to know what the hospitality and tourism companies are doing to keep us safe.

Cleanliness beats “location, location, location”

Before SARS-Cov2, location and price were the most important factors when people made their holiday bookings. We didn’t give much thought to the hundreds of people who had slept in our hotel beds before us.


Not any more.

Cleanliness standards have become vital now, and businesses in the hospitality sector will have to “show and tell” the changes that they’ve made.

The health and safety of both guests and staff must be the top priority, so how can hoteliers and other accommodation companies win their guests’ trust and confidence? From the moment they arrive, guests will need to see visible signs of protection. That means positioning hand-sanitisers in potential infection hotspots like reception desks, lobbies, lifts, meeting rooms and restaurants. Social distancing markers should be prominent, and all staff should be wearing masks and gloves.

Room Service

Improved hygiene standards are crucial in COVID-19 control, so providing guests with cleaning materials in every room will help protect themselves and others. Offering room cleaning by request during a more extended stay minimises the risk of transmission too. Enabling guests to select rooms that had not been occupied the night before is another method that reduces risk. Before guests return, they will need evidence that hotels have improved cleaning standards. Here are some of the changes that might reassure them.

    ·        Offering contactless check-in, room access and check-out

    ·        Providing single-use toiletries or opting out of these altogether

    ·        Disinfecting high-touch areas like door handles, light switches & remote controls

    ·        Cleansing of soft surfaces, including carpets, rugs and curtains

    ·        Making rooms “low-touch” by removing unnecessary items like pens and pads

    ·        Replacing all towels, dressing gowns and slippers after every stay

    ·        Providing options to minimise room amenities, to reduce transmission risk

    How Can Ultraviolet Light Help?

    Hotel rooms must be cleaned quickly, but also effectively. Standard room-cleaning protocols will not offer maximum protection against the risk of COVID-19 transmission. That’s because of the shape and size of some items or their location in the room.

    Just think of the remote control, or the coffee cups, the TV or the telephone.

    That’s where new methods like Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI) offers the perfect solution for cost-effective and speedy cleansing methods in multi-room settings. Adapting hospital-grade technology that has been neutralising deadly diseases like TB and measles for decades, UVGI is now being used in hospitality settings.



    The Muv-X Portable Room Steriliser offers a 99.9999% sterilisation rate in minutes. It can be quickly wheeled from room to room and requires no specialist training.

    Environmentally friendly, using no toxic chemicals, UVGI neutralises microorganisms like viruses and bacteria, mould and mildew, by breaking down the cell walls, so they cannot reproduce.

    Adding UVGI to traditional room cleaning techniques to sterilise the air and all visible surfaces is the perfect way to demonstrate a commitment to heightened cleanliness and safety standards.