We’re sure you’ve probably heard enough about infectious diseases at this point, but we’re afraid there’s more! Having developed and now supplying our Room UV Steriliser in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, we talk with a lot of medical professionals. We are hearing about global growing concern amongst those professionals regarding CPE, otherwise known as Carbapenemase Producing Enterbacterales.

CPE are antibiotic-resistant bacteria or superbugs that live in the gut, and can cause serious infection if they get into your blood, kidneys, bladder or body tissues. They are generally spread in hospital or healthcare settings. 

We came across this clear and educational video which explains all about CPE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QIlp0An2L6o

Having done our research, and satisfied that there is a real case to be answered here so to speak, we started looking at the capability of our UV Room Sterilizer. Like many things, there is no silver bullet solution to CPE, and an ultraviolet sterilizer would certainly not be it if there was; but we were keen to see if our sterilizer could be part of a cleaning protocol to reduce the risk of transmission.

As a result, we had our Muv-X independently tested by an FDA approved and ISO17025 certified laboratory. An expensive process but the results are astounding in our view. The conclusion in the test report states bluntly:

“There was a reduction of 1.8Log in CPE at 1 metre exposure and zero survival of CPE on white PVC, blue PVC and stainless steel.


“From review of results it can be observed that the MUV- X room UV light sterilisers from CW Applied Technology proved 100% effective in reducing CPE from PVC surfaces and stainless steel when exposed at a distance of 1 metre for 4 minutes