Smart Communities

Connected, smart technology is increasingly being used to ease urban congestion, pollution and also to improve our health.

Increasing demand for information at our fingertips and increased expectations of service availability requires increased monitoring and management of such various facilities as energy, waste and waste utilities, transport information and alerts, security, weather events, pest control, etc.
Connecting us as individuals to our surroundings through wearable electronic devices is enabling new monitoring and support services and ways to interact with both objects and others.
Increasing connectedness is not confined to the human world many objects and increasingly, animals, have a growing variety of sensors, the data from which helsp us to better provide services and monitor our environment.
Smart Communities has and will have much more capability than in the past and can better coordinate and manage the use of resources (e.g. local source of clean energy) and reduce the impact we are having on the environment.
Application of Virtual and Augmented Reality capabilities will increase in education and training, enabling the communication of knowledge and education through an ‘experiential’ approach more in keeping with the age in which we live.
CW Applied Technology is involved in development and manufacturing across all of these areas. If Smart Communities and Cities is of interest to you and/or you have a specific application concept you want to make a reality, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re keen to talk!