With mandatory hotel quarantine being discussed for people arriving into Ireland, the hotels in question will need to make sure they have stringent hygiene processes in place to disinfect rooms between guests. Fumigating hotel bedrooms with harsh chemicals may raise issues for guests and staff – but UV sterilisers could be a good alternative. 


UV sterilisers give reassurance to the public of the safety protocols hotels are insisting on, and when visible on premises these devices can give a very clear image of precaution which a bottle of chemical spray could never achieve.

Why hotels should consider UV sterilising:


  • Reassure staff and guests that the premises has been effectively sanitised of all bacteria and viruses.
  • Assure guests that their rooms are free from any chemical residue, and that sanitising processes pose no risk to their health.
  • Quick and efficient – sterilising a standard 5x4m hotel room takes only 15 minutes, and rooms can be entered and used immediately afterwards. (No ‘airing out’ required).
  • Confidence that any confirmed cases of Covid-19 that may arrive at your hotel can be thoroughly decontaminated at the touch of a button.