There are No Residues after you use our Muv-X Room Steriliser!
It might seem obvious to some but it’s a question we get asked regularly. The reason we do get asked it is obvious too as alternative solutions such as Fogging/Misting and indeed Ozone machines all have residual issues. The WHO have recently issued guidance regarding Fogging/Misting.
“In indoor spaces, routine application of disinfectants to environmental surfaces by spraying or fogging (also known as fumigation or misting) is not recommended for COVID-19. One study has shown that spraying as a primary disinfection strategy is ineffective in removing contaminants outside of direct spray zones. Moreover, spraying disinfectants can result in risks to the eyes, respiratory or skin irritation and the resulting health effects….on workers in facilities where these methods have been utilised .”Its one of the reasons why we developed our Room UV Steriliser…we wanted to help remove the virus from the environment without adding to the chemical load (or risks from gas inhalation) in that environment. The fact that a room is immediately use-able after its application with no risk to subsequent occupiers of the room speaks for itself I think!