The Muv-X UV Room Steriliser is the first of our own products that CW Applied Technology has launched; prior to 2020 we worked solely on manufacturing and product development for our clients. But what led to this transition into own-product development?


The Muv-X was inspired by a request from a leading Irish surgeon – Professor Karen Redmond MB BCh BAO MD FRCS CTh. Professor Redmond is a Consultant Thoracic & Transplant Surgeon, and when the Covid-19 pandemic began to gather pace she put out a request seeking a room ultraviolet steriliser to support her commitment to delivering a safe clinical practice.


Word of Professor Redmond’s request reached the team at CW Applied Technology, and as an electronics design and manufacturing company we quickly realised that while the exact product she was looking for might not have been readily available, we could design and build one fit for her purpose. However, we didn’t want to just “jump in” and become a UV Steriliser company overnight, but instead we collaborated with a US company – American Air & Water – who are highly experienced in the UV Steriliser market. We took ownership of one of their designs, which was ‘end-of-life’, and totally redeveloped it to tailor the device to suit the needs we were aiming to meet. American Air & Water have strong credibility in this market, so by utilising their original design and making it our own, we were able to create an effective and reliable UV Room Steriliser to suit the specific needs of Professor Redmond and other organisations. As we used American Air & Water’s original design, we now pay them a royalty fee on every unit sold.

Following Professor Karen Redmond’s enquiry, we looked at what is being used in the top healthcare facilities in different parts of the world for exactly the purpose of killing bacteria and viruses, and we developed a solution which offers affordability, flexibility & scalability to help provide much needed reassurance to staff and customers alike.

A testimonial from Professor Karen Redmond MB BCh BAO MD FRCS CTh:

“I am now using this easy to store, cost-efficient UV-C room steriliser. It takes just under 10 minutes to complement a deep clean supporting our commitment to deliver a safe clinical practice for employees and patients following the COVID19 pandemic. This equipment can support a range of services where cleaning of surfaces is a requirement to maintain health and safety standards, such as GP surgeries, dentist practices, waiting rooms, office spaces, hotel rooms, restaurants etc.”