Value Added Services

CW Applied Technology will always seek to go beyond our core service offerings of electronics design and manufacturing in order to help.

Our capabilities can help eliminate roadblocks to growth for you. Worries about labour and physical space to manufacture the product can be easily overcome…we can become an extension of your capability allowing you to grow more rapidly as your market demands.
If you need product re-packing, re-labelled, kitted, re-sourced or any other ‘unusual or special project/task taken on, we have the experience and capability to manage any such challenge for you.

Product Inspection

Defects is one of the 8 key wastes in manufacturing. Often, when product is sourced in bulk, they come with a hidden number of defects. Rather than discovering them in the field, inspection and detection of problems is a more viable solution. We can be that viable solution, ‘sorting the wheat from the chaff’ so you or worse still, your customers, don’t have to.

Reverse Logistics

Do your customers ever return product? We can handle the returns and give you the key data you need. We can manage the returns for you, deciding to agreed standards whether to return the product to stock or scrap it.

Special Projects

We do not limit ourselves to electronics work alone or indeed to the added-value services we have listed above. We are open to adding value where you need it, be that for short or long term solutions. We will review any request large or small and determine quickly if we can perform the service for you.

PCB Layout

n all products, Quality, Sustainability (now more than ever), Cost and Time-to-Market are key factors in success or failure. These factors must be ‘front and centre’ even as PCB layout begins. Keeping those factors at the top of the agenda and using them to drive creativity at design stage is fundamental to our approach.

Electronics Design

Having your product stand out in a crowded market place is getting more difficult. Relying heavily on creativity…both in look and feel of the product as well as problem solving functionality is a central factor distinguishing success from failure. All the standard design skills underpin this but without an
advanced creative design though process, you risk beginning part of the crowd.

Mechanical Design

The look and feel of a product is more critical than ever. We buy so much with our eyes. We at CW Applied Technology work collaboratively to understand your objective for your product, create and prioritise the key factors and using design-thinking and intuition as our core tools along with our design skills, experience and capabilities, together we create a solution that can achieve your

3D Printing

3D printing has unleashed creativity in manufacturing like never before. Now tools, jigs and fixtures can be made quickly and cheaply, giving a voice to all employees natural creativity and yielding immense benefit for the employer. The road to process and continuous improvement has never been easier. We offer a service where we will work directly with the idea initiator, via Skype or Facetime etc, taking the time to understand the problem to be solved with the new idea and most importantly, to understand what that new idea is. We can then develop drawings and 3D print the solution for testing/ evaluation. This idea can be iterated as many times as you wish to find the ideal

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