UV sterilizers come in many shapes and sizes – and one does not equal the next in terms of functionality. This is why it’s important to properly research any UV sterilizer(s) you’re considering renting or purchasing, and making sure they suit your needs.

What is a UV Room Sterilizer? 

A UV room sterilizer is a standalone unit, which sterilizes the air and surfaces in a room using ultraviolet light. The sterilizer produces a strong dose (doses vary from machine to machine) which radiates outwards and sterilizes any surfaces the light comes into contact with. Depending on the design of the sterilizer, the UV bulbs may point forwards in one direction only, or the sterilizer may be designed to radiate UV light outwards in all directions – to reach and sterilize all surfaces in a room in one go. 

What is an Upper-Room UV Sterilizer? 

An upper-room UV sterilizer functions similarly to a room sterilizer, in that it utilises ultraviolet bulbs to emit powerful UV radiation. Unlike a full room sterilizer, however, these units are attached to the ceiling and are angled slightly upwards towards the ceiling. The result is that the UV radiation does not reach the surfaces in the room, so the sterilizer’s function is to sterilize the airflow only. As air circulates around the room, air will pass by the UV sterilizer which is continuously running – this will destroy any bacteria or viruses in the air, reducing likelihood of illness transmission via airborne particles.

Which UV Sterilizer is Right For Me?

Both variations of UV sterilizers provide benefits for businesses, and can help to provide reassurance for customers and staff – particularly against airborne transmission of illness. There are pros and cons to each, however, so choosing the right sterilizer is a decision that will depend on your own individual requirements.




Room UV Sterilizer

Sterilizes a full room – including air and surfaces.

Exposure to UV radiation is harmful – rooms can only be sterilized when people are not present. 

Upper Room Sterilizer

Can be run while people are present in the room – resulting in continuous airflow sterilizing.


Provides visual evidence of ongoing sanitising.

Does not sterilize surfaces or touchpoints – regular disinfection of surfaces will be required to ensure maximum protection against bacteria and viruses.

A room UV sterilizer will be ideal for you if daily disinfection of air and surfaces is what you’re in search of – with a room sterilizer you can disinfect your premises overnight or when customers / visitors aren’t present. This way your premises can be fully sterilized without an impact to business. If you require ongoing sterilization throughout the day, however, upper-room sterilizers may be more beneficial for you as these can be run continuously while customers and staff are present.

In a best-case scenario, a combination of both sterilizers would be highly beneficial – however this may not be affordable or feasible for many.