Lower Development Cost

Starting the electronic design process for a new product concept from scratch can be prohibitively expensive. However, when you work with an experienced contract electronic design team, you’ll find your development costs can be dramatically lower. CW Applied Technology has a very experienced design team with established workflows and cost-saving tools built into our methods, making us a genuinely lower-cost solution for your concept-to-product journey.

Control & Accountability

CW Applied Technology has an experienced and reputable electronic design team, bringing critical factors that an internal team may not: Control and Accountability. Unlike an internal team – where various accounting budgets are used to fund employee costs, tool costs, prototyping costs, etc – directly tying costs to deliverables is very clear and apparent when using our team. Furthermore, schedules are under better control as we charge for our time and therefore must control and account for it.

Skills & Experience

High-end, reliable electronic product design requires extensive training and experience — something that takes many years to acquire for an individual engineer. Outsourcing to our design team helps you ensure that only talented, skilled and experienced designers work on your product design. The big financial bonus, of course, is that you’re merely renting their expertise. You get the experts you need for as long as you need them but don’t have to invest in training or make long-term expensive hires.

Quality & Traceability

While every product must comply with the appropriate specifications and standards, certain industries such as Automotive, Military, Medical, Aerospace & Security are subject to particularly stringent quality requirements or regulations.

Our ISO 9001:2015 certified Quality Management System addresses the specific requirements mandated by each market. Our material and product traceability system ensures identification down to the component lot code, and also ensures serial number tracking for each sub-assembly right through to the finished product. We’ve also implemented a robust counterfeit materials program that complies with the SAE AS5553 standard, minimizing the risk of sub-standard material entering our supply stream.

Liberating your Internal Resources

Outsourcing design work to CW Applied Technology allows internal design teams to focus on product designs which may perhaps be more important to the company going forward. For example, a company with 10+ years of existence will have legacy products that require sustaining engineering work. This work could be outsourced to CW Applied Technology to allow internal engineering resources to focus on new products that will add to company revenue and profit growth.

Scale your Production

Scaling production to support a growing revenue stream can have significant implications and roadblocks. Whether you’re developing products in-house and have reached the limits of your capacity, or you’ve outsourced and are exposed to the limitations of one supplier, developing another source to alleviate potential constraints during times of rapid growth requires a disciplined response.



Our New Product Introduction processes are designed to eliminate waste and its associated costs to the greatest extent possible. This results in more efficient project start-ups. One such process is our Dedicated Product Launch Team which works with you to plan the manufacturing launch of your product.

High Mix of Configurable Versions with Low/Med Volumes

If your manufacturing requirements can be described as low-to-medium volume, high version mix (many unique assembly part numbers), and/or higher complexity, then you face a number of challenges that require a comprehensive solution across manufacturing, engineering and supply chain not typically best addressed by a high volume manufacturer. A specialist partner is required which is where we come in!
CW Applied Technology’s business model is based on high levels of flexibility and responsiveness, which are key ingredients in addressing the challenges you face.